Q: Why is it called "The MelTea Soap Company"?

A: Because I'm Melissa, the owner and soap sommelier, and a lot of my friends call me Mel! My husband and I love tea so I started making soaps inspired by some teas I love (Rosy Warm was the initial inspiration!) and then when I decided to start selling my soap, the name came right to me!

Q: What are the ingredients in your soaps?

A: You can find a list of all of our fine, all-natural ingredients here!

Q: Isn't palm oil supposed to be bad for the environment?

A: It isn't palm oil that's the problem. It's the way it's farmed in some places. Here at The MelTea Soap Company, we only use palm oil certified as sustainably sourced by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) nonprofit organization.

Q: Is there tea in the soap?

A: Some have tea in them, some have tea on them as an exfoliant, and some are tea-free! Tea is generally more of an inspiration than an ingredient!

Q: What about alcohol? Do any of the alcohol based soaps have alcohol in them?

A: Not as of yet! But certain alcohols can be used in soap and I plan on exploring wine in my soap soon!