We use nothing but the best, most luxurious, most environmentally-friendly ingredients we can find. We are proud of our ingredients!

We don't list our ingredients on individual bars for two reasons. First, because we want to protect the recipes our soap sommelier Melissa has worked so hard to perfect!

The second reason is because we are a small business. We use the same equipment for all of our soaps. We store them near each other. They are shipped together. So if you buy any of our soaps, there will be some transferal of ingredients from all of our soaps. And the last thing we want to do is expose someone to something they may be allergic to or want to otherwise avoid!

But we mean it when we say we are proud of our ingredients. And we want to be The Soap You Can Trust. So here is a list of every single ingredient we use in any of our luxury, handmade soaps!

Our soaps contain some or all of the following ingredients:

Purified, Filtered Water
Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
Isopropyl Alcohol

All-Natural Oils
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Palm Oil
Olive Oil Pomace
Shea Butter

All-Natural, Biodegradable Colorants and Decorations
Activated Charcoal
Melt-and-Pour Glycerine Soap (used to make embeds like ice cubes, berries, bottlecaps, etc.)
Assorted Mica Powders
Black Iron Oxide
Sugar Sprinkles
Biodegradable Glitter
Assorted Flowers
Poppy Seeds
Chromium Oxide
Star Anise
Tapioca Pearls
Titanium Dioxide
Sea Salt
Red Oxide
Rose Petal Powder

Natural Scents
Fragrance Oil
Essential Oils
Kaolin Clay (this marvelous clay has no scent but amplifies other what salt does for food)

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email us anytime at